Toning and Moisturizing: Step 2 & 3 of a Proper Daily Routine

You do not have a complete skin regimen if you don't have a toner and moisturizer in your daily routine.  These two items are what you use to seal, replenish and balance your moisture (hydration) level.  Your moisture level in this sense symbolizes your water retention, not to be mistaken with oil production levels.  When choosing a toner and moisturizer it is important to know your skin type so that you invest in the proper products.  Do not be misguided with products used for the body, most body products are not formulated to be used on the face and are typically too heavy or too harsh. 

So after cleansing your skin to remove the dirt, bacteria and oil, your next step is toning.  You have two types of toning products: astringents and tonics.  Tonics are for refreshing and restoring the skin where as astringents are a slightly more acidic toners, to help reduce oil production.  This step is not to be excluded because this is what your moisturizer seals in, it helps with improving your TEWL (trans epidermal water loss).  TEWL is your skin's ability to retain water.  Remember when putting on your moisturizer it should be applied on dampened skin.

Which leads us to our last but certainly not least step, moisturizing.  Many people tend to be misguided with choosing a moisturizer, that's if they are using a moisturizer at all from the fear of it making their skin oilier.  This is the last thing you should do.  In actuality, if you don't use a moisturizer you end up producing more oil which leads to possible pore clogging.   A moisturizer's primary objective is to seal in your hydration which helps to manage your oil production.   Your outermost layer of skin is your protective layer but remember it is dead skin so it gains support in the when you moisturize; protecting your skin from environmental factors.  Using the proper product, this simple task will noticeably improve the appearance of your skin.  There is a moisturizer for each skin type, reference below to see what works best for you.

SKIN TYPE                                                      MOISTURIZER

 Oily skin                                                     Oil-free moisturizer

Normal/Combination skin                           Hydrating moisturizer

Dry Skin                                                             Creams/Oils