Skinesthics: The Stages of Healing Acne-prone Skin

Everything around us is packaged in 'convenience' , so much so,  we have no room for patience nor understand the meaning of process.  We are invested in quick fixes that provide temporary results but when healing acne prone skin there is no such thing. 


Addressing acne prone skin can be complex because multiple factors potentially are involved.  If you are dealing with hormonal acne you have to address nutritional practices which not only includes what you eat but what you drink as well.  However, if you are dealing with comedones (i.e. blackheads and/or whiteheads) then direct your focus on your product choices.  Most likely your products are not compatible to the condition of your skin.  Often times when individuals try to resolve active breakouts they tend to go into full attack mode.  Usually focusing on symptoms as supposed to the cause of those symptoms. Unknowingly, creating sub-conditions that exacerbate their skin concerns. 

When healing this skin type you have two phases.  The first phase is the purging stage, this is when the skin will get worse before getting better because it is trying to rid itself of the toxins that is causing your reactions(s).  This stage may also require extractions.  The second phase is the nourishing stage.  This is when we focus on giving the skin what it needs to respond optimally to treatment ( i.e. serums and masks).  

Treating acne can take up to months depending on the severity of your condition.  So be patient as you journey from acne prone to smoother, better looking skin.

Image by Audrey Jackson