SKINESTHICS: The Importance of Knowing your Skin Type

Are you aware of your skin type?  Let me help simplify this issue for you- just like pretty much everything in life, skin types run on a scale and range in 3 categories: dry, normal and oily.  Within this scale, quite a few people demonstrate signs of  combination skin- this is when a person's skin exhibits signs of more than one skin type. Be mindful to not misdiagnosis the texture of  your skin, due to incorrect product usage- this can lead to sub-conditions.  You may notice that ‘sensitive’ is not on this scale, that is because ‘sensitive’ is not a skin type but an issue/concern.  This can be an effect due to a compromised barrier function (the outermost ‘protective’ layer of skin) from dryness or skin hypersensitivities to ingredient(s), causing inflammation.  Yes, there are skin care lines that label some products ‘sensitive’ for those individuals who frequently experience skin reactions but that is more so for the consumer to identify the product.  However, believe it or not because consumers are not paying close attention to the list of ingredients, there are some cases when a person can still experience skin reactions like redness, rashes, or swelling from those products that are labeled 'sensitive'.

skin type linear scale.png

This is why it is very important for you to know what and how your skin interacts with ingredients.   Based on the limitless options of skincare products it's understandable how this can be confusing, and why people are uncertain of the proper products to use for the state of their skin.  Listed below are characteristics to help you discover your skin type.   Know how to identify your type of skin to achieve and maintain a healthy  appearance.  

skintype characteristics table.jpg