Skin Care is Healthcare

How important is the skin you're in?...  Have you heard, beauty is skin deep, well dare to dig deeper!  In my experience the study of skin has only been addressed topically unless dealing with severe skin conditions and inflammations.  I have personally witnessed and have had multiple discussions with persons who've had their own experience with skin specialists. It always seems to resolve the same- a prescription of a topical and/or an oral treatment to manage signs and/or symptoms.  Unfortunately this approach, generally, only manages the issue for a short while. It doesn't prevent reoccurring episodes because the root cause was never addressed or identified.  Skin wellness must be confronted holistically.  Your skin condition is impacted approximately 80-90 percent by your body's internal factors and 10-20 percent by external factors.

For quite some time, the scope of skin care has been limited to just cosmetics practices that primarily focuses on treatments that cater to a desired look. The industry has been saturated with treatments tending to manifested symptoms due to negligent practices.  Ignoring the focus of possible internal triggers that potentially are related to nutritional intake and dieting choices.  You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat", well that couldn't be a truer statement.  So lets 'kill two birds with one stone' by improving your health while building your confidence.  Take a proactive, preventative approach and learn how dermatology can be the branch leading you to your optimal health.  Skin care should be not just about how you look but about how you feel as well.  




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