Conversation with 'B'

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Get to know the creator behind BDE's Skinhealth eMagazine.  

Q: How and why did you come up with the idea of creating this e-magazine?

B: It happened more organically, there was no specific time or instance. It developed from a thought of, " How can I reach people beyond the office, sharing my knowledge and practices; even if they never personally met me?" I want to encourage readers to be more proactive with their preventative care. I love when people benefit from a service I provide and this was another method for me to do just that. 


Q: What is this nutritional e-magazine about?

B: Everything provided in this e-book is focused around improving the health and the look of the skin; teaching people how to treat their skin from the inside-out. 

Q: What do you hope your readers get out of your publications?

B: I want people to realize the connection between their skin health and the overall health of their body.  Making these changes not only improves the integrity and look of their skin but it also affects their health & wellness.  The strategies and practices featured in the e-mag are meant to empower the reader to take the healthcare of their skin into their own hands and not be so heavily dependent on the professional.  Furthermore, being proactive on adopting preventative methods to live a healthier lifestyle which will encourage them to look their best.


This e-magazine is great to have in your repertoire as a source for health & wellness. Don't pass up the chance to learn ways to improve your appearance by altering your lifestyle practices.  Get introduced to amazingly tasty foods that are healthier for you, not only improving the look of your skin but allowing you to become a healthier version of yourself.  Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your skin health journey with B Derm Esthetics.

Be Beauty, Be Health, Be Well!