The condition of your internal state, influences the appearance of your skin approximately 80-90 percent.  How you feel and look is directly proportionate to your practices, both internally and externally. You will not reach optimal results addressing one without the other.  Skin health and wellness is about reaching balance, which is determined by your body's pH.  We are able to actively affect our pH levels by achieving hormonal balance.  To proactively manage your hormones, be intentional with your eating habits, making healthier nutritional choices, as well as, manage your stress levels.  You have 8 layers of skin, divided into 3 levels: the epidermis (5 layers), dermis (2 layers), hypodermis (connective tissue).  6 out of 8 of those layers are active, live skin cells that are affected by your internal care.  You have the ability to treat all 8 layers based on your external and internal practices.  Each one of these areas has an affect on the appearance of your skin.

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