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Hormonal imbalances can greatly change a person's health, affecting  each system of the body in various ways, including the skin.  Most if not all skin symptoms are hugely influenced by the body's internal state, which is determined by your systems (a group of organs that collectively perform a particular function).  If  your systems are out of whack then most likely some sign will manifest on your skin (largest organ of the body) to signify that something needs to change.  This happens because your skin is connected to the rest of your body's organs by your bloodstream.  Your bloodstream is the vessel that provides the necessary nutrients to the cells- feeding the building blocks of your tissue which subsequently feeds your organs.  An imbalance takes place when there is an excess or a lack of nutrient(s) stored in the bloodstream.  This is when your skin inflammations (i.e acne breakouts, eczema, psoriasis,  seborrhoeic dermatitis, etc.) present themselves.  Does this mean that these conditions can't be triggered by some product/ingredient used on the skin, NO.  What is being stated is that you must consider- their may be internal forces contributing to your skin concern. 


It is important to examine and address all potential causes, internally and externally.  When treating and taking care of your skin you must use a synergistic  approach; making sure that you are getting the proper amount of  daily supplemental support.  Implement nutritional practices that is going to build not stress the body during its stages of detoxification or you will be prone to signs of premature aging.  Stress fatigues the cell keeping your skin  along with your other organs from performing optimally.                                                                                                                           

Check out other ways stress can affect the body in the illustration.                                                                                                                      Be proactive with your preventative care, it will show in your health and appearance.  

Treat your skin from the inside-out!   

illustrated by lifehack