Your skin doesn't have to look like it is aging at the same rate as you do.

Genetics plays a important role on the anatomy and functionality of our skin.  Our skin is an organ and is always responding to it's environment (internally and/or externally).  Some individual's skin show premature aging signs based on daily practices that either stress or neglect to protect from stressful factors.  This can cause a loss of collagen/elasticity at an accelerated rate, age/sun spots, or perhaps showing darkness around the eyes at a very youthful age. 


It is important to be aware of your skin's genetic threshold by paying attention to your skin responses.  Although you may have been born with these genetic precursors, you can still implement practices to slow down the process of your signs and symptoms being more pronounced, as time passes.

Get proactive with the preventative care of your skin. Maintain your youth!